Annual Report
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Capital market communication

More information on our current investor relations activities

In 2014 / 2015 we again used diverse communication channels for our ongoing dialogue with investors and financial analysts – in particular, intensive personal meetings, press and analysts’ conferences, webcasts and selected stock market conferences. We presented DBAG shares to investors on twelve days in the eleven months of this truncated financial year, the same number as in the preceding full financial year. Finally, our philosophy of fostering an open dialogue with our investors and analysts is underscored by our membership in various associations.

More information in our membership here

The market views our efforts positively: in October 2015, our capital market communications were recognised by the Leipzig Graduate School of Management and “manager magazin” as the best among the 50 companies included in the S-Dax. Of the 160 stocks listed in the Dax, M-Dax, S-Dax and Tec-Dax, we were the only S-Dax company to rank among the top ten.