Annual Report 2014/2015
Capitalising strengths. Creating opportunities. Building value with an attractive portfolio and fund investment services.

Dear shareholders

Our business model is distinguished by many unique features. One of the most significant is that no two years are alike. Whereas the focus in 2013/2014 was on highly profitable realisations, the reporting year was characterised by new investments. We expanded our portfolio by adding seven new investee businesses, all of them members of Germany’s “Mittelstand”. New investment reached its highest level in more than ten years, providing an excellent foundation for future value growth. Between investing and disinvesting, developing our portfolio companies is a mainstay of our business. Net income of 27.0 million euros and a gain in net asset value per share of 10.0 percent this past financial year are once more proof that we were successful in that.

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Our mission statement

Stock exchange-listed Deutsche Beteiligungs AG invests in well-positioned mid-sized companies with potential for growth.

For many years, we have focused on industrial business models in selected sectors. With our experience, expertise and equity, we support our portfolio companies in implementing their sustainable, value-creating corporate strategies.

Our entrepreneurial approach to investing has made us a sought-after investment partner in the German-speaking world. We have achieved superior performance over many years – for our portfolio companies as well as for our shareholders and investors.