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Shareholder profile

Shareholder profile (as at 30 September 2015)


Shareholder Profile

Private individuals still form the largest group of DBAG shareholders. Their proportion again rose slightly in the past financial year. At 15 September 2015, the most recent disclosure date of the share register, nearly 13,000 private individuals were registered, holding approximately 44 percent of the shares. Three shareholders own more than five percent of the shares in DBAG: Rossmann Beteiligungs GmbH announced on 2 April 2015 that it was invested in DBAG on that day with 2,725,200 shares (19.9 percent). According to our information, Anpora Patrimonio, a family office sited in Spain, continued to hold 684,000 shares (5.0 percent). Based on a voting rights notification dated 20 May 2015, JP Morgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd. held 714,702 shares, which equates to 5.2 percent. Institutional investors held approximately 31 percent of DBAG shares – considerably more than a year ago. Since most institutional investors – both German and international – are not listed directly in share registers but through nominee shareholders (banks, brokerages), we obtain further information on our shareholder profile through disclosures that take place several times each year. According to the voting rights notifications we have received, 75.0 percent of DBAG shares were in free-float ownership, as defined by Deutsche Börse, at 30 September 2015.


Share profile
Symbol DBAGn (Reuters) / DBAN (Bloomberg)
Listings Frankfurt (Xetra and trading floor), Berlin-Bremen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart
Market segment Regulated Market (Prime Standard)
Index affiliation (selection) S-Dax (rank 371); Classic All Share; C-Dax; Prime All Share; Deutsche Börse sector indices: DAXsector All Financial Services, DAXsubsector Private Equity & Venture Capital, LPX Direct, LPX Europe, LPX50; Stoxx Private Equity 20
Designated Sponsors Oddo Seydler Bank AG, M.M.Warburg & CO (AG & Co.) KGaA
Share capital 48,533,334.20 euros
Number of shares issued 13,676,359
thereof outstanding 13,676,359
First traded 19 December 1985

1 At 30 September 2015, measured by market capitalisation (liquidity measure ranking: 29)


Share data
Closing rate1 24.90 21.83 19.36
Financial year high1 33.94 22.82 21.93
Financial year low1 21.96 18.50 17.27
Financial year average rate1 27.88 21.05 19.25
Annual performance2 % 20.9 19.5 7.6
Market capitalisation1, 3 €mn 340.5 298.6 264.8
thereof in free float4 €mn 255.4 208.9 180.6
Average daily trading value5 €mn 1.532 0.608 0.476
Base dividend per share6 0.50 0.40 0.40
Surplus dividend per share6 0.50 1.60 0.80
Distribution sum6 €mn 13.7 27.4 16.4
Dividend yield7 % 5.0 10.4 6.6
Earnings per share 1.98 3.51 2.36
NAV per share3 22.16 22.16 20.36
Price/NAV per share3   1.12 0.99 0.95

1 Xetra closing rate
2 Adjusted for dividends
3 At end of period
4 As defined by Deutsche Börse AG
5 According to Deutsche Börse AG data
6 2014/2015 recommended
7 Relative to NAV per share at start of financial year (less dividend paid for previous year)